Common Ground: How can Humanists & Muslims work together in 21st Century London?

London is probably the most diverse and vibrant city in the world. One in eight of our fellow Londoners is a Muslim, but how much do we know about London’s Muslim communities? And how much do they know about Humanism? Is there common ground? What diversity exists amongst Muslims in London? What is changing? Can we see beyond our differences? How can we work together?

This evening of discussion was a unique opportunity to address these questions and others

Alom Shaha author of “The Young Atheists Handbook” will be in conversation with:

Mamadou Bocoum – Public Relations Officer for the Sharia Council
Sara Khan – Co-Founder and Director of the human rights charity Inspire
Yasmin Rehman – from the Centre for Secular Space and researcher into polygamy and the law
Huda Jawad – Advisor at the Centre for Academic Shi’a Studies and Research Coordinator for Solace Women’s Aid

The evening was organised jointly by London Humanist groups in association with Conway Hall Ethical Society and the BHA as part of Interfaith Week.

In the first half of the evening each speaker was in a one to one conversation with Alom Shaha.
In the second half the guests forms a panel and will take questions from the audience.

Jeremy Rodell (South West London Humanists) has written a comprehensive report on the event, published in Humanist Life.

Audio recording from the 25/11/2014 event:

Common Ground – MP3 (50Mb)

00.00 – 08.00: Yasmin Rehman
08.00  -21.00: Huda Jawad
21.00 – 35.00: Mamadou Bocum
35.00 – 49.30: Sara Khan
49.30 – 01.05.10: Panel discussion
01.05.10 – 02.11.29: Questions & Answers