IN PERSON Book Group: Do Something by Kajal Odedra

September’s book is Do Something by Kajal Odedra
Come join us for the first in person Book Group of the season! We will meet at 7 pm at the Royal Festival Hall (details below).

At 7:15 pm we will break up into small groups. Those familiar with CLH Book Group meeting know how this works: in each group we take turns introducing ourselves and giving our 1 minute thoughts on the book. It’s important not to go over a minute and not to interrupt other people’s minute so that everyone gets a chance to participate. After this first round, each group discusses for another 20 minutes or so.

We then shuffle the groups so as to talk to as many different people as possible and in the new groups repeat our introductions and 1 minute thoughts. We’ll do this a couple of times before coming all together at the end in one last big group.

From Goodreads:
“Do you find yourself staring helplessly at your news feed? Or all too often asking, ‘why hasn’t somebody done something about that?’.

If the answer is yes, then DO SOMETHING is the book you need.

Whether you simply want to challenge your local shop to reduce their plastic or go big and demand a new law to be passed, this book is the place to start.

Full of lessons from the real world DO SOMETHING contains practical steps and a blueprint anyone can follow – from helping you to pinpoint the fundamentals of what you want to achieve to mobilising supporters and harnessing traditional and social media.

Having worked as a campaigner for over a decade Kajal Odedra knows the tricks that have typically been used by people in circles of power and believes that everyone should know how to speak up and be heard.

Revolution on every scale is happening all around the world – but rather than being led by governments, policy makers or political leaders, it is individuals, communities and collectives who are calling for action.

People power works! So, stop banging your head against the wall, pick up this book, and start planning your resistance.

In December Central London Humanists will welcome Kajal Odedra to give a talk about her book and campaigning. Date to be announced!

A voluntary donation of £3 is suggested -but first-timers are welcome to give us a free trial. If you prefer you can pay online by clicking here (

While we are very social and welcoming, the book group’s primary focus is on discussing books. The group works best when we have all read at least some of the book and are prepared to share our opinions.


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September 30


19:00 - 21:00

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Central London Humanists


Royal Festival Hall

Belvedere Road

London, GB